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PictureMarine insurance disputes
Early in their careers, Stroup & Martin represented various insurance companies with declining claims submitted by yacht and vessel owners.  This past experience provided Stroup & Martin insight into the various issues that surround marine casualties and the application of insurance coverage for these events.

Stroup & Martin, P.A. now represents yacht and vessel owners with preparing and submitting their marine insurance claims to insurers.  If necessary, Stroup & Martin will assist a vessel owner with litigating its claims against a marine insurance company. There are unique legal issues relating to marine insurance law and policy coverage.  Vessel owners should consider retaining legal counsel to help them with their marine casualty as soon as possible so that proper investigation can be made and the owner’s claim can be properly organized and submitted to the marine insurer. Stroup & Martin have approximately 50 years of experience in handling and litigating marine insurance claims in state and federal courts.

Stroup & Martin, P.A. analyzes and interprets marine insurance policies; identifies and outlines coverage issues; assists owners with presenting their claims to their insurers; and litigates owner’s claims against their insurer when necessary. Coverage disputes can arise from:

  • Vessel owners omitting facts during the application process
  • Owner operates vessel beyond navigation limits
  • Owner fails to timely investigate and present their claim to the insurer
  • Owner fails to timely report the claim to its insurer
  • Owner and insurer disagree over the scope of repairs to the vessel
  • Owner and insurer disagree about whether vessel is a constructive total loss
  • Owner is sued by a third party concerning a maritime accident and the insurer refuses to defend the owner against the third-party claim
  • Insurer disputes a salvage claim and causes owner’s vessel to be arrested by the salvage company
  • Insurer fails to properly handle a crew member’s claim for maintenance and cure and causes owner excess liability exposure

Stroup & Martin, P.A. will help the vessel owner understand the nature and scope of their marine insurance coverage and will assist the owner with presenting the claim with the goal of achieving an amicable resolution whenever possible. If the insurer, however, refuses to pay a claim in breach of the terms and conditions of a policy, Stroup & Martin will litigate the owner’s claim in either federal or state court.

Stroup & Martin, P.A. can help a vessel owner navigate a difficult claim to a successful conclusion. Please feel free to call the firm in Fort Lauderdale at 954-462-8808.